Lost and Found Box

Lost and Found Items

We are committed to customer service. That means providing honest, reliable transportation not just for people – but also their things. If you were a passenger of ours, and have misplaced an item, please check below to see if it ended up in our lost and found bin.

Items can be picked up at 660 Oleander Dr. in Merritt Island, FL 32952, or contact our customer service for more information about how to regain your missing items.

lost and found children's toothbrush

Child’s Toothbrush

lost and found memo pad

Memo Pad

lost and found hair product

Hair Creme

lost and found white sox hat

White Sox Hat

lost and found snakeskin clutch

Snakeskin Clutch

lost and found bro wallet with wings and skull

Bro Wallet with Winged Skull

lost and found teddy bear


car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision - safe transportation service

Getting Around Town Safe and Sound

Safety is Fundamental to Well-being.

If you are a social person chances are you been faced with a decision to ride or drive after having a drink or two (or five). It is important to designate a driver for such occasions, however, circumstances often arise where you find yourself at an unplanned, evening soiree among good friends. When this happens it is important not to let your impaired judgement get the best of you, because let’s face it, your judgment is impaired.

Often times the financial cost is a major factor in your decision making process when you find yourself in such a predicament, however, there is a much higher cost one should consider and that’s their own health and well-being, as well as the health and well being of other drivers and their passengers.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but sometimes people need to hear it a thousand and one, or suffer great consequences: driving under the influence is unsafe and can be quite deadly. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash, as of 2013. This is important to consider when making the decision of whether you should be driving after a couple of drinks. There is an overwhelming body of evidence that proves driving under the influence is unsafe.

Always Around Transportation Background Logo

Hello world!

The New Website for Always Around Transportation

Welcome to our brand-spanking new website for our humble transportation service company offering safe, reliable and affordable wheels for the greater Space Coast Community. Our passion for getting people where they need go stems from our many nights out on the town wishing that the local transportation service catered better to the needs of the community and our love of the local lifestyle.

This website is an extension of that mentality. This is the voice of our DIY attitude towards achieving our ultimate goal: To make sure everyone in the Space Coast has the freedom to have a great time at the places we want to go safely and responsibly and still have some money leftover for the stuff that matters.

So engage with us! Tell what you think about the community, and what you expect from a transportation service for the Space Coast and surrounding areas! We want to be top of mind when it comes to getting around Brevard, for locals and for tourists. Since our drivers and staff are long-time natives we know the culture, the attitude and all of the wonderful nooks and crannies that make coastal living from Canaveral Seashore to Sebastian Inlet so sweet.

Contact us today to find out about rates, or to speak with a customer service specialist.